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Aluminium Sectional Radiators

Smooth clean lines and slim profiles make our aluminium radiators perfect for both new homes and as replacement
radiators. Their practical functionality makes them suitable for living rooms, bedrooms or studies and our variety of accessories can also enhance their use in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

An aluminium radiator will heat up in just over half the time of a steel radiator and uses 50% less water saving money by using less fuel therefore it is the most energy efficient radiator. They are also a third lighter than steel radiators, and means they are extremely light and easy to install on any type of wall.

Aluminium radiators are excellent heat conductors; our products have high thermal efficiency and contain a lower amount
of water, therefore heat up faster than those produced with other materials. They are therefore easier to control and cost
much less to run.


With modern building methods and regulations requiring more insulation and higher U values for windows, having a more efficient heating system that can react quickly to changes in temperature and that can produce enough heat from smaller heat emitters means a more comfortable living environment and cheaper utility bills.

Heat Outputs
Aluminium radiators offer exceptional heat outputs, and due to their sectional construction, we can provide them in any size our output you require.

When shopping for a new radiator, it's very important that you understand a term called 'Delta T', as its the single biggest factor in determining if a radiator will sufficiently heat your room.
Delta T50
0C is the industry standard for domestic homes and is the European recognized standard for calculating heat outputs to EN442. This typically assumes a boiler flow temperature of 750C, a return of 650C and a room temperature of 200C. All of our radiator heat outputs are listed at Delta T50
Radiator Output Comparison.png
Some retailers will advertise their radiator heat outputs at Delta T600C (and sometimes even higher!) which typically assumes a boiler flow temperature of 850C, a return of 750C and a room temperature of 200C. This is simply not achievable for most domestic boilers and will therefore result in the radiator being undersized for your room. A heat output listed at Delta T600C needs to be multiplied by 0.79 to convert it to Delta T500C, so as to make the heat output that can be achieved more accurate.
Colours & Finishes

We have a huge range of colours and finishes available on our radiators, including over 200 RAL colours, textured finishes, matt finishes, tinted lacquers and much more.

All of these can be viewed at our Newtownards showroom, allowing you to see first hand what your new radiator would look like.

ottimo valve.jpg
Side Valve
Valve Connections

All aluminium sectional radiators are available with 'side' connections only as they are a sectional product and therefore do not come with an 'underneath' connection option. Our experienced sales team can advise you further on this and also provide 'pipe centre' dimensions to allow your plumber to 'first fix' the pipework in advance of the radiator being delivered..

All valve connections our our radiators are standard 1/2" BSP fitment. We can supply some of our radiators with larger 3/4" connections if required, for instance on commercial projects when a higher output and flow rate is required. 

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