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Valves & Accessories

We have a range of valves & accessories available to complement all our radiators and towel rails, including pipe cover kits, towel bar attachments and much more. 


Radiator valves are generally split into two groups - Manual (Wheelhead) or Thermostatic (TRV).

Manual valves are a simple design and regulate the amount of hot water that flows in to the radiator depending how open or closed the valve is. To adjust you simple turn the handle manually to increase or decrease the amount of water flow (much like a conventional tap on your kitchen sink).

Thermostatic valves (TRV for short) are a more advanced design which automatically regulate the flow of hot water into the radiator depending on the temperature of the room. These valves normally have 5 heat settings numbered from 1 to 5, with 1 being a desired room temperature of 120C and 5 being 280C. Some also include a frost protection feature with a minimum setting of 70C which helps to prevent frost damage occurring.  

When choosing a valve you also need to know if your heating pipes rise up out of the floor, or if they come out through the wall, as there are various 'patterns' of valve to suit different scenarios. These are generally classified as 'Angle', 'Straight' or 'Corner' valves. We can advise you on the correct pattern of valve that you need to go with your new radiator.

All of our valves are available in a range of finishes such as Chrome, Brushed Nickel, White, Brass, Copper, Anthracite and many more.

Pipe Cover Kits
Pipe cover kits are a great way to finish off your new radiator installation by covering unsightly pipework with a cover that matches the valves perfectly.
Unlike cheaper 'radsnap' covers that are essentially thin, chrome plated plastic which discolour over time, our pipe covers are made from solid brass with a top finish applied to match the valves, such as Chrome or Brushed Nickel. These will not discolour, and they also come with a shroud disk to cover over where the flooring has been cut around the pipes.
Our pipe cover kits are available in 130mm or 300mm long.
Luxury Wall Stays

Our Arroll Luxury Wall Stays are available in a range of 6 finishes to match the most popular valve finishes. They are the perfect finishing touch for your cast iron radiator. They can also be cut to length to suit a wide variety of radiator depths.

Available in Chrome, Brass, Brushed Nickel, Black Nickel, Antique Copper & Pewter.

copper wall stay.png
Towel Bar Attachments

We have a wide range of towel bar attachments to fit our vertical and horizontal radiators. These are a great addition to allow you to hang towels on the radiator in your bathroom or kitchen.

Available in white or chrome, as well as painted finishes on some models.

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